About Us

Creating memories one home at a time.

Time-honored integrity, exceptional customer service and a commitment to quality construction are key elements of the outstanding success achieved by Hawkins-Welwood Homes over our 60 year history. Hawkins-Welwood takes pride in offering a wide selection of architecturally timeless luxury homes throughout the area’s most notable neighborhoods, including the Park Cities, Preston Hollow, North Dallas, Plano, Southlake, and Long Cove at Cedar Creek Lake.

Our goal is to construct something that will be your own personal dream home – exceeding our highest standards. As such, the Hawkins-Welwood homebuilding team is charged with ensuring that your new home lives up to your expectations. We understand that your home is more the just an investment, it is a deeply personal expression. We value tremendously the trust placed in us by our homeowners and we are eager to work with you on building your personal residence.


Celebrating 60 Years
of Outstanding Success

In the past 60 years, the style and size of homes has changed, but the values that drive Hawkins-Welwood have remained constant.


“Building a great home is the art of pulling together elements of design & materials to create a very special place for our homeowners. Our homeowners want a place to celebrate relationships. A place that they call home.”



John Hawkins